Green Way Cafe exterior
Locally Sourced Food

The Green Way Cafe


  • Vegetarian food
  • Homemade, ethically sourced food
  • Family friendly
  • Local artwork
  • Garden

If you’re looking for somewhere in Matlock to enjoy healthy, wholesome vegetarian food, then the Green Way Cafe is a great choice. The food is all homemade, and is ethically sourced. The cafe has several rooms to choose from, one of which looks out over the town.

A family friendly place, the Green Way Cafe features a play area which includes a train set, many toys, and also paper and pens for visitors to create their own art work to be displayed in the cafe’s very own gallery. The cafe also displays various works from local artists.

Green way cafe people

When the sun is shining the cafe has a great little garden to sit in and catch some rays. The Green Way Cafe support their local producers and growers, and are environmentally friendly, with fair trade actions.

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