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Heights of Abraham – a great day out!

Heights of Abraham in matlock

Whilst visiting Matlock, be sure to stop by the famous Heights of Abraham, where you can take a ride in the cable cars, see the caverns and explore the hilltop park. Visitors can venture through the hilltop park and caverns for free with a ticket for the cable cars.

As one of the most popular destinations in the Peak District, the Heights of Abraham has been open to visitors since 1780. The Heights are located on a lead mining area, with paths that follow the authentic routes around what was previously known as a Savage Garden.

Cable Cars

The cable cars, which were installed in 1984, travel 169 metres from the bottom to the top of the heights, with the highest point being 77 feet! The cable cars are a safe way for you to explore the fantastic views. Consisting of 12 cars, you can relax and take in the stunning views of the Peak District and the Derwent Valley. The cable cars take you all the way from the valley floor right to the top station.

Cavern Tours

With mining supposedly dating back to Roman times, the caverns boast natural passageways and caverns which could possibly be millions of years old! Whilst visiting the Heights of Abraham, you can take a guided tour round these caverns, exploring the areas where rich mineral deposits were mined.


There are two caverns in which you can take a guided tour, the Masson Cavern and the Rutland Cavern. The Rutland Cavern lets you experience the life of a mining family. With a guide, visitors are taken back to the 17th Century. The Masson Cavern bends and twists into the hillside, and you can experience the fantastic artistic lighting creating an awe inspiring atmosphere.

Walks in matlock

For those that prefer to walk through woodland to explore the Peak District, then this is for you. With paths leading directly from the summit of the Heights of Abraham, there are several circular walks you can take to really make the most of the views of Derbyshire’s famous Peak District National Park. As you wander through you can soak up the peace and quiet, and gaze out over the Derwent Valley.

After venturing up the hillside, you get relax in a Tavern which boasts views of Matlock Bath beneath it. There is also a visitor’s centre at the top of the hill, where you can stop for a cup of tea before a spot of shopping.

Fossil Factory

The Heights of Abraham also features several exhibitions. You can learn about the Peak District’s formation, and the rocks and fossils that feature among it. You can also see the fantastic fossilised remains of an Ichthyosaur, preserved from around the time of the dinosaurs and spanning about 3 metres in length!

Masson Pavilion

In the Masson Pavilion, visitors can peruse around the truly brilliant photography work. Featuring aerial shots of the Peak District on a summer’s day, the exhibition is suitably joined with words and poetry.

Food and Shopping

Whilst enjoying your day out at the Heights of Abraham, you may wish to take a break from all the excitement and relax in the bar and restaurant while still soaking up the picturesque views. There’s something for everyone on the menu, whether you’re looking for a healthy salad or something more substantial, and of course, there’s always the tempting dessert menu.


One feature of the Heights of Abraham that the children will certainly love is the adventure playground. Featuring a huge slide, climbing walls, rope walks and towers, there’s something for everyone! The playground also has a play area for toddlers. Whether you want to relax on the eagle’s nest swing, or venture down the giant slide, there’s plenty to be entertained with.

playground exterior in matlock

The Heights of Abraham are accessible by train, car or bus. They can be found on the A6, just 18 miles north of Derby. The nearest train station is about 400 metres walk, with many trains running on an hourly basis, and every two hours on a Sunday. Be sure to plan your visit, as there are often events on which make for a great day out.

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