Celebrations at Park Manor Hotel Scarborough

Stuck on What to Do for New Year’s Eve? Why Not Plan a Getaway

Every year the dilemma of how to celebrate New Year’s Eve arises – all of your usual favourite pubs and clubs now have expensive entry fees, drinks are double the price and it’s more overcrowded than you are prepared to deal with.

Not to mention, you’ve seen it all before.

Doing something at home is not satisfactory as you’ll either be bored or unwilling to deal with the mess created by your guests the next day. Also, staying at home is too familiar.

Then, if you have not yet got anything planned, then you have to face the dreaded trawl around town for something that is not too costly and has enough free space to accommodate you and your friends.

Getting away from one’s usual surroundings is becoming an increasingly popular thing to do on New Year’s Eve. More and more people look for a change of pace and a chance to experience a new environment at possibly one of the liveliest and most festive times of the year.

If you want a change of scenery then planning a New Year’s Eve getaway might be the best option. However, this does not have to mean jumping on a plane and looking for last minute deals to avoid spending hundreds of pounds on a spur of the moment holiday.

A staycation is perfect in this instance as you do not have to travel for very long and on the whole, it will cost a lot less. As New Year’s Eve falls on a weekend this year, there is the perfect excuse to extend the festivities and make them last a number of days in a place that you do not call home.

England has many locations which are perfect for vacationing; and even though the British weather may not be at its greatest at this time of year, there is never a bad time to enjoy a scenic view.

The Park Manor Hotel [] in the North Bay in Scarborough has the perfect location for an England based holiday. Sitting right on the North Yorkshire coast, the hotel is only a short walk away from the nearby North Bay beach.

Although Britain in December has not got the most suitable temperature for a day at the seaside, the sandy beach is charming enough to remind visitors that they are not at home.

There does not need to be any worry that those staying at the hotel will be stuck for things to do over the long New Year’s weekend, as other nearby attractions include a number of golf clubs, the Sea Life Centre and a medieval castle. It is also situated near an Open Air Theatre, Flamingo Land theme park and a newly opened water park.

If you are looking for an alternative for something to do when the clock strikes 12 on the last day of the year, the rooms and suites at the Park Manor Hotel are comfortably furnished to host a small get together if one wishes to.

For something low key and relaxed, this hotel offers enough leisurely activities to entertain those who prefer to see in the New Year in a calm and quiet manner.