The best things to do in Matlock

Matlock is one of the gems of the Peak District, filled with history, entertaining attractions and beautiful scenery. Whether you’re taking your whole family, your partner, or taking a break for yourself, there is always something great to do in Matlock. Fun and relaxation are in abundance. If you’re not yet convinced, here are only a few of the great things you can do and see in Matlock when you finally decide to visit.

Heights of Abraham

The Heights of Abraham is a gorgeous hilltop park and the only way to get to it is from a cable car. Simply the process of getting there is an enjoyable event for the whole family. You can see the beautiful rolling hills and expanses of green from the car, but it gets even better. At the park you can tour through caverns and caves that are thousands – possibly millions – of years old. You can hear about the mining history of Matlock and take a trip to the fossil factory to explore the fossils on display, including the remains of an Ichthyosaur. There’s a playground, shops, restaurants, cafes and scenic walks around the hillside. A day out to the Heights of Abraham is a day jam-packed with fun.

Matlock Bath Aquarium & Exhibitions

If you’re looking for an easy going and inexpensive trip then a visit to Matlock’s aquarium is a great place to go. Entrance is under £3 and you can tour the sweet little aquarium from 10am to 5pm. You can see gemstones and fossils, fish, one of Europe’s largest displays of holograms and you can even give a rescued fish a home at the end of your tour. You can learn all sorts of interesting facts about the history of Matlock and tour through exhibitions with all sorts of interesting oddities. Nearby there are also quite a few casual restaurants and cafes to visit on your way out of the village.

Lumsdale Valley

Lumsdale Valley is one of the highlights of the Peak District and anyone that’s taken a tour will implore you to visit. It boasts some of the most beautiful natural scenery, including stunning waterfalls that have inspired many photographers and artists over the years, and the remains of ruined mills that tell the history of the area. You can follow one of the walking tours around the main sites or simply take a wander where you may. It’s stunning in every season, so there’s no time limit on when you can visit, although it is especially charming in winter when there’s a dusting of snow.

River Derwent

While not necessarily an attraction in itself, around the river Derwent you’ll find all sorts of fun and interesting things to do, including taking a walk through Hall Leys Park when the Rhododendrons are in bloom, taking a break in one of the cafes or restaurants and watching the fishermen, doing a bit of shopping, or stopping off in one of the adult gaming centres where you can try out a number of casino betting systems to help you to capitalise on any winnings you may pick up. If you want to take an afternoon to wind down and wander around then the best place to do that is by the river.