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Leawood Pumphouse

Located along the Cromford Canal, Leawood Pumphouse has a very interesting history.

Despite being built in 1844, the pump itself only became operational in late 1850. Its job was to pump water from the Derwent River into Cromford Canal. By 1905 the pump was in full swing, as many complained their boats were grounding in the canal, meaning more water needed to be pumped in from the river Derwent. Records have shown that during this time, the engine pumped 470,400 gallons of water meaning that the engine must have been operated at double the speed it is now!

The pumphouse is located where the Cromford Canal crosses the River Derwent. For visitors wanting to enjoy the surroundings, car parking is available a mile and a half’s walk along the canal. There is also a car park slightly closer, which is just a quarter of a mile’s walk away.

After enjoying the pleasant surroundings, guests can view the magnificent pumphouse. Due to the size of the engine, it is difficult to appreciate the whole thing at once. The steam cylinder of the pump reaches over ten feet tall! Visitors can learn all about how the pump works and the technical work that went into its building. Visitors can also enjoy a pleasant stroll along the canal, a great way to spend an afternoon.

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